Aeroplane Adventures

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Aeroplane Adventures

This week the children have enjoyed playing in the new aeroplane.

Heather found the aeroplane whilst browsing online. It had been hand made as a World Book Day costume and was destined for the bin after it had been used. Heather contacted the talented creator and mentioned that her nursery children would love to give it a second lease of life.

After a precarious journey in the back of Heather’s car the aeroplane arrived in one piece on Wednesday. The children were thrilled with their brand new toy. So far the aeroplane has transported the children to their adventures in Spain, Lanzarote, South America, Space and the local ice cream shop. It has also inspired conversations about holidays the children have been on and journeys that they have taken.

We are looking forward to finding out where the aeroplane takes us next.

Waving to Kate on take off
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