Special Educational Needs

At Playbox Nursery we aim to provide support and care to all families and children who wish to enrol with us.

Children who require additional support when attending nursery will be supported by our setting SENCO and we publish our ‘local offer’ to detail the service we provide.

How does the setting identify children with additional needs or SEND?

Key members of staff make observations of children over a period of time and in a range of ways.  The observations are then evaluated and if any concerns are raised the key person will discuss the areas of concern with the setting SENCO who then supports and provides strategies and interventions to support the child.   

How will I be informed / consulted about the ways in which my child is being supported?

Parents receive copies of all observations made on their key children via our online portal and when the key person, SENCO and/or manager has any concerns about a child a meeting is arranged with parents to discuss.

If a child is in need of a targeted plan the meeting with parents supports the sharing of information and the joint collaboration on reaching agreed goals.

How will the setting adapt the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum for my child's needs?

The child’s key person will adapt adult led activities to suit the needs of all the children and a child who is supported via a targeted plan will have their needs met through a range of adapted activities and the support of the setting SENCO.  If specific equipment is required to help support the child’s needs then the setting uses available funds and resources to achieve this.  We would also consult with outside agencies about any funding or equipment that may be accessed to provide everything the children need.

What teaching strategies does the setting use for children with additional needs or learning difficulties?

We use small groups or supporting adult techniques and strategies to ensure a child with additional needs is fully supported.  We use visual timetables, Makaton signing as standard methods to support children and also support children with teaching sessions such as I-Can Early Talk Boost.

How will the setting monitor my child's progress and how will I be involved in this?

Progress is monitored via the Babysdays online portal.  Parents are able to see observations, planning and assessment and this clearly shows the child’s progress and will produce an EYFS Progress Tracker.  At parent meetings we share all other written observations and reports which have been collected over the term. 

Each key person has a regular meeting with the manager of the setting to look at the cohort trackers and this highlights the need for any further interventions or improvements e.g. to the environment, teaching ethos, size of groupings etc.

How do you ensure children with additional needs or SEND can be included in the same activities as other children, including trips?

We provide additional adult support if necessary, adapt resources, change the layout of the environment.  We always ensure that whatever the challenge every child who wants to take part can.  This can sometimes mean taking activities outside, or maybe taking them back inside, putting them on the floor, changing the height of a chair etc.

How accessible is the building for children with mobility difficulties / wheelchair users?

Our building can be accessed by wheelchair users at the front of the building but at the back of the building we have a wooden walkway which can be more difficult to access.  It does however have a ramp and widened doors and is therefore accessible

How will you support my child's transition to a new setting or school?

We hold transition meetings and share transition reports and information.

How does the setting assess the overall effectiveness of its SEN provision and how can parents / carers take part in this evaluation?

We produce cohort trackers which includes the work we do with the intervention groups and this allows us to reflect on our practice.  We share these trackers and reflections with parents at meetings and during discussions and they are able to add their ‘voice’ at this stage.  Children are also consulted and their voice is recorded in our ‘talking floor book planning’

Who should I contact if I am considering registering for a place at the setting?

Contact our main reception who will support your enquiry and guide you through the process. Parents can also make contact via our webpage

What arrangements does the setting have for feedback from parents / carers, including compliments and complaints?

Parents are able to leave compliments and complaints on our secure Babydays portal.  Parents can log in with their own details via our web page or by using the app.

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